hey I'm Chanakya. a frontend developer with focus on UI/UX design.

About me

I have been building on the web professionally for the past two years. I love working on the frontend with focus on user experience. I have been working as a frontend engineer for the past 3months at womp.xyz to make 3D design accessible without any limitations on system power. During Jan -July 2021, I interned at Interlay as a frontend developer and UI/UX Designer where I contributed to the design and development of interBTC, a decentralised solution to bring Bitcoin onto smart contract supported platforms. Previously, I interned as a frontend developer and a UI/UX designer for Wishbox studio, a design agency based in India for a combined time of one year(2019&2020) where I worked with several clients like EU embassy of India, Just Jobs Network and Capital Square Partners.

I am a computer science graduate(2017-2021) with elective coursework in blockchain, cryptography, distributed systems and design thinking. In my blockchain course, I learned to create smart contracts, test them and understand the ideology behind decentralisation and community governance. These courses sparked my interest in Decentralised Protocols. My goal is to build intuitive and seamless experiences which board new users from traditional financial sectors onto Defi protocols.

I'm currently working as a frontend engineer at WOMP.XYZ

Chanakya Kilaru